Library of Location Algorithms

LOLA is no longer active, since some of the packages included in LOLA are no longer available.

LoLA (Library of Location Algorithms) is designed as a software system comprising the algorithmic methods known in location planning.
LoLA consists of a GUI (graphical user interface), a text based interface, and a programming interface which is designed to enable the users of LoLA to write their own C++ programs using algorithms from the LoLA -libraries.
Furthermore by this feature it is possible to develop new algorithms for LoLA using this programming interface.

For documentation of LoLA-2.0 and help see

list of algorithms,
LoLA FAQ page,
README file with installation information,
the complete manual (See download section for a ps-file) or
watch a little demonstation on LoLA (Precondition: There has to be an avi-player on your system).

DOWNLOAD LoLA (Get New Version of LoLA ArcView® Link !!!)
Contributed Area


Working Group HAMACHER
Department of Mathematics Department of Optimization
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany ITWM, Kaiserslautern

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LoLA - - 18.11.20001