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Slides of talks

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Slides and videos of talks:
  • Aachen 2010: Cartan matrices and Brauer's k(B)-conjecture, pdf
  • Copenhagen 2011: Block theory and fusion systems, pdf
  • Hannover 2011: New inequalities concerning Olsson's Conjecture, pdf
  • Aachen 2011: Donovan's Conjecture for certain defect groups, pdf
  • Oberwolfach 2012: Survey on invariants of blocks of finite groups, pdf
  • Oberwolfach research report 2012: pdf
  • Saarbrücken 2012: Further evidence for conjectures in block theory, pdf
  • Bad Boll 2013: On Loewy lengths of blocks, pdf
  • Manchester 2013: On the Brauer-Feit bound for abelian defect groups, pdf
  • Banff 2014: The Alperin-McKay Conjecture for a special class of defect groups, pdf, Video link
  • Jena 2015: Cartan matrices and Brauer's k(B)-Conjecture, pdf
  • Maynooth 2016: Orthogonality relations for characters and blocks, pdf
  • Jena 2016: Orthogonality relations for characters and blocks (different talk), pdf
  • Banff 2017: On the blockwise modular isomorphism problem, Video
  • Berkeley 2018: 5-Minute talk, pdf, Video
  • Berkeley 2018: Fusion systems of groups and blocks, pdf
  • Berkeley 2018: Characters and Sylow 2-subgroups of maximal class, Video

A longer list including my blackboard talks is part of my CV.