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Commutative Algebra - Andreas Gathmann

Inhaltsbereich / Content

Andreas Gathmann - Commutative Algebra (WS 2013/14)

Complete notes (132 pages, 900KB, last updated July 13, 2018)
0.Introduction (pdf)
1.Ideals (pdf)
2.Prime and Maximal Ideals (pdf)
3.Modules (pdf)
4.Exact Sequences (pdf)
5.Tensor Products (pdf)
6.Localization (pdf)
7.Chain Conditions (pdf)
8.Prime Factorization and Primary Decompositions (pdf)
9.Integral Ring Extensions (pdf)
10.Noether Normalization and Hilbert's Nullstellensatz (pdf)
11.Dimension (pdf)
12.Valuation Rings (pdf)
13.Dedekind Domains (pdf)

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