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Veranstaltungskalender Dezember 2017

Januar 2018 >>

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  • 12. Dezember
    17:15 - 18:30
    Ort: Raum 48-210

    Prof. Dr. Peter Benner, MPI -Magdeburg, "Feedback Stabilization of Unsteady Flow Problems"

    Optimizing a trajectory of any unsteady problem in practice requires a
    feedback strategy in order to attenuate disturbances, e.g., external
    influences or unmodeled dynamics, that would lead to a deviation from
    the desired, and possibly optimized, path. In this talk, we consider the
    unsteady incompressible 2D Navier-Stokes equations and discuss their
    feedback stabilization using Riccati-type controllers based on the
    Dirichlet boundary control problem for the flow field. Numerical
    methods to solve the resulting large-scale, descriptor-type algebraic
    Riccati equations will be discussed. Their performance will be
    illustrated by numerical experiments.