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Research Group - Andreas Gathmann

Inhaltsbereich / Content

Andreas Gathmann - Research Group

Master Students

Felix Röhrle

Former Students

Lynn Knippertz ("Die Riemann-Hurwitz-Formel", Bachelor, SS 2017)

Sarah Haufe ("Das Geschlecht singulärer Kurven", Bachelor, SS 2017)

Andreas Gross ("An intersection-theoretic approach to correspondence problems in tropical geometry", PhD, SS 2016)

Annika Hasselhorn ("Ebene Elementargeometrie vom höheren Standpunkt", Bachelor, SS 2016)

Felix Röhrle ("The Gauss-Bonnet theorem", Bachelor, SS 2016)

Anna Lena Birkmeyer ("The realizability of tropical hypersurfaces in matroid fans", PhD, WS 2015/16)

Markus Schepers ("Flatness in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry", Bachelor, SS 2015)

Falko Gauß ("Recursion formulas for tropical gravitational descendants", Master, SS 2015)

Dennis Diefenbach ("Algorithms to check smoothness of tropical fans", Master, SS 2014)

Jennifer García Castilla ("Tropical Chern classes of tropical manifolds", Master, SS 2014)

Simon Hampe ("Algorithmic aspects of tropical intersection theory", PhD, SS 2014)

Carolin Torchiani ("Enumerative geometry of rational and elliptic tropical curves in $ \R^m $", PhD, SS 2014)

Dennis Ochse ("Moduli spaces of rational tropical stable maps into smooth tropical varieties", PhD, SS 2013)

Fabian Engelmann ("Classification of compact surfaces and the degree-genus formula", Bachelor, SS 2013)

Falko Gauß ("Ovals of real projective plane curves", Bachelor, SS 2013)

Andreas Gross ("Intersection theory on linear subvarieties of toric varieties", Diploma, SS 2013)

Irene Tittmann ("Divisors on finite connected multigraphs", Bachelor, WS 2012/13)

Junqing Wang ("Chow groups of compactified tropical varieties", Diploma, WS 2012/13)

Georges François ("Tropical intersection products and families of tropical curves", PhD, WS 2012/13)

Joke Frels ("Arbitrarily fine generic Gröbner fans in 3-space", Diploma, SS 2012)

Jens Demberg ("Invariance of characteristic numbers for rational plane tropical curves", Diploma, SS 2012)

Anna Lena Winstel ("The tropical inverse problem for curves in a fixed tropical plane", Diploma, WS 2011/12)

Dennis Diefenbach ("The computation of rational plane tropical curves through given points", Bachelor, WS 2011/12)

Henning Meyer ("Intersection theory on tropical toric varieties and compactifications of tropical parameter spaces", PhD, SS 2011)

Matthias Herold ("Tropical orbit spaces and moduli spaces of tropical curves", PhD with second supervisor Ilia Itenberg (Strasbourg), WS 2010/11)

Simon Hampe ("Universal families for rational tropical curves", Diploma, WS 2010/11)

Carolin Torchiani ("Line bundles on tropical varieties", Diploma, WS 2009/10)

Lars Allermann ("Tropical intersection theory", PhD, WS 2009/10)

Johannes Rau ("Tropical intersection theory and gravitational descendants", PhD, SS 2009)

Dennis Ochse ("The relation between the tropical $A$-discriminant and the secondary fan", Diploma with second supervisor Josephine Yu (MIT), SS 2009)

Georges François ("Exceptional curves on tropical hyperplanes", Diploma, SS 2009)

Manuel Kern ("Tropical conics in hyperplanes", Diploma, SS 2009)

Michael Kerber ("The enumerative geometry of rational and elliptic tropical curves and a Riemann-Roch theorem in tropical geometry", PhD, SS 2008)

Marina Franz ("The tropical Kontsevich formula for toric surfaces", Diploma, WS 2007/08)

Henning Meyer ("Faces of tropical polytopes", Diploma with second supervisor Mike Develin (Berkeley), SS 2007)

Matthias Herold ("Intersection theory of the tropical moduli spaces of curves", Diploma, SS 2007)

Lars Allermann ("Intersection theory on tropical compactifications of $ \R^2 $", Diploma, SS 2006)

Hannah Markwig ("The enumeration of plane tropical curves", PhD, SS 2006)

Christian Eder ("Tropical generalizations of the Caporaso-Harris formula", Diploma, WS 2005/06)

Johannes Rau ("Multiplicities in enumerative tropical geometry", Diploma, WS 2005/06)

Michael Kerber ("Genera of tropical complete intersection curves", Diploma, SS 2005)

Cristina Manolache ("Rational Gromov-Witten invariants of higher codimensional subvarieties", Diploma, SS 2005)

Valentin Tonita ("Basic relations among relative Gromov-Witten invariants", Diploma, WS 2004/05)

Yaw Ofosu Adjei ("Counting nodal and cuspidal plane curves", Master, SS 2004)

Zhivko Zhelev ("Counting rational curves on generic quintic threefolds", Master, SS 2004)