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Class Notes - Andreas Gathmann

Inhaltsbereich / Content

Andreas Gathmann - Class Notes

I have written notes for the following classes:

Algebraic GeometryAlgebraic Geometry (version of SS 2014)

Algebraic StructuresAlgebraic Structures (in German, version of WS 2017/18)

Commutative AlgebraCommutative Algebra (version of WS 2013/14)

Enumerative GeometryEnumerative Geometry (incomplete, version of WS 2003/04)

Foundations of Mathematics 1 and 2Foundations of Mathematics 1 and 2 (in German, version of SS 2016)

Introduction to AlgebraIntroduction to Algebra (in German, version of WS 2010/11)

Introduction to Complex AnalysisIntroduction to Complex Analysis (in German, version of WS 2016/17)

Introduction to TopologyIntroduction to Topology (in German, version of SS 2017)

Plane Algebraic CurvesPlane Algebraic Curves (version of SS 2018)