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  • Caroline Lassueur, Jacques Thévenaz (2017).
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Angenommene Arbeiten

  • Shigeo Koshitani and Caroline Lassueur (2017).
    Simple modules in the Auslander-Reiten quiver of principal blocks with abelian defect groups.
    Nagoya Mathematical Journal. (To appear)
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  • Caroline Lassueur and Jacques Thévenaz (2017).
    Lifting endo-$p$-permutation modules.
    Archiv Math. (To appear)
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  • S. Koshitani and C. Lassueur (2017).
    Splendid Morita equivalences for principal 2-blocks with dihedral defect groups.


  • Caroline Lassueur (2014).
    Reading endo-trivial modules from the Brauer tree.
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  • Caroline Lassueur (2012).
    Relative Projectivity and Relative Endo-trivial Modules.
    EPF Lausanne (Thèse EPFL 5266)
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