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Confirmed Invited Speakers

Inhaltsbereich / Content


Confirmed plenary speakers

Ute Hahn, Aarhus University

Gabriel Fricout, ArcelorMittal

Eric Maire, INSA Lyon

Daniel Peterson, Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago

George Vander Voort

Rasmus Waagepetersen, Aalborg University

Thomas Walter, Mines ParisTech


Minisymposia and Organizers

FIB-SEM image processing and analysis (Katja Schladitz)

Physical Modeling and Simulation of Microstructures (Heiko Andrä, Torben Prill)

Practical Applications of Stereology in the Workplace (George Vander Voort, Alexander Kazakov)

Spatial Statistics (Claudia Redenbach)

Statistical Analysis and Modeling of 3D Microstructures (Volker Schmidt)

Stereology and Image Analysis in Plant Science (Ales Kladnik, Lucie Kubinova)