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Particle School 2018: "From Particle Dynamics to Gradient Flows"

Particle School 2018: "From Particle Dynamics to Gradient Flows"

Spring School: "From Particle Dynamics to Gradient Flows"February, 19 - February, 23 at TU Kaiserslautern

Particle Dynamics and their scaling limits are a subject of intensive research. 

The spring school aims to PhD students and young post-docs from the fields of probability and partial differential equations. 

The goal is to learn and combine methods from both areas.


Local Organization:

Dr. Wolfgang Bock

Dr. Raul Borsche

Dr. Claudia Totzeck




If you have any questions concerning the Spring School: From Particle Dynamics to Gradient Flows

please feel free to contact us: particleschool[at]mathematik.uni-kl.de