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Interest Rate Theory (Financial Mathematics II)

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Interest Rate Theory (Financial Mathematics II)


Welcome! Here you find the latest information and material for the course Interest Rate Theory (Financial Mathematics II).


General Information

In this lecture we will study the "big brother" of the stock market: the fixed income or interest rate market. In particular, we will study

  • Fixed Income Products

  • Short Rate Models

  • The Heath-Jarrow-Morton Framework

  • The Change of Numéraire Technique

  • LIBOR and Swap Market Models

  • ... and, time permitting, lots more exciting stuff.


There is one lecture per week on 

  • Monday at 11.45 in 48-582.


Course Material

The current version of the lecture notes can be downloaded here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or corrections.

The lecture notes also contain voluntary exercises and two appendices on short rate modeling under P and monotone class theorems.

The lecture notes for Stochastic Processes and Financial Markets (Financial Mathematics I) are available here.

The Excel sheet with simulations of various short rate models can be downloaded here.

The Excel sheets containing the yield curve evolution and the calibration of the Vasicek model are here and here.



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