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Event Calendar April 2017

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  • 08. January - 13. July


    Category: KOMMS

    Modellierungswoche für Schülerinnen und Schüler, Lehrkräfte und Referendarinnen und Referendare in der Jugendherberge Oberwesel.

  • 04. April - 06. April


    Category: KOMMS

    Modellierungstage am St.-Willibrord-Gymnasium in Bitburg.

  • 04. April - 05. April


    Category: KOMMS

    Zweitägige Fortbildung zum Segwayprojekt.

  • 05. April - 07. April


    Category: KOMMS

    Modellierungstage am Hohen-Staufen-Gymnasium Kaiserslautern.

  • 05. April - 06. April


    Category: KOMMS

    Modellierungstage mit dem Gymnasium am Römerkastell in Alzey.

  • 20. April
    11:30 - 13:00
    Location: 32-349

    Using GPUs in SU2 code

    GPUs may be used to reduce the required wall clock time in SU2 calculations. In this talk some early experiments on the usage of one GPU in implicit RANS calculations with SU2 are given. As the parallelism degree for the calculations is rather limited, one CPU thread will not be able to saturate several or even one GPU. Therefore this work focusses on sharing one or few GPUs by several threads, instead. Currently one step in the preconditioning of the linear equation solver has been analyzed there classical Gauss-Elimination of very small dense matrices has to be performed for all nodes repeatedly. Preliminary  results and ideas for further GPU usage will be given.

  • 25. April
    13:45 - 15:15
    Location: 48-210
    Graduate School

    Neßler, Christian: Mathematical modelling of interacting fibre structures and non-woven materials

  • 27. April
    17:00 - 18:00
    Location: 48-436
    Algebra, Geometry and Computer Algebra

    Kivanv Ersoy, TU Kaiserslautern: Locally finite groups with small centralizers

    In this talk we will present recent results about fixed points of automorphisms in locally finite groups. Let pbe a prime and  G a locally fi nite group containing an elementary abelian p-subgroup A of rank at least 3 such that CG (A) is Chernikov and CG (a) involves no infi nite simple groups for any a ∈ A#. We show that G is almost locally soluble. To prove this result, we first give a characterization of PSLp (k). Theorem. [1] An infi nite simple locally fi nite group G admits an elementary abelian p-group of automorphisms A such that CG (A) is Chernikov and CG (a) involves no in finite simple groups for any a ∈ A# if and only if G is isomorphic to PSLp (k) for some locally finite field k of characteristic diff erent from p and A  has order <nobr> p2. This is a joint work with Mahmut Kuzucuoglu and Pavel Shumyatsky.
    [1] Ersoy, K., Kuzucuoglu, M., Shumyatsky, P., Locally finite groups and their subgroups with small centralizers, J. Algebra, Vol. 481, 1 July 2017, p.1-11. ρ

  • 28. April - 29. April


    Category: KOMMS

    Modellierungstage mit der BBS Bad Bergzabern.

  • 28. April
    13:30 - 15:00
    Location: 48-208
    Graduate School

    Pham, Thi Ngoc Ha: Kinetic and Related Macroscopic Models for Chemotaxis on Networks