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Event Calendar March 2018

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  • 01. March
    11:30 - 13:00
    Location: 32-349

    D.Baumgärtner,TU Munich:Node-based shape optimization including CAD-reconstruction within an open-source multiphysics framework

    The current state of the art in shape optimization is dominated by approaches utilizing computer-aided design (CAD) or morphing boxes. On the contrary, node-based approaches have not reached the same industrial acceptance, although e.g. the Vertex Morphing Method showed with many practical problems promising characteristics like high optimization potential, minimum modeling effort or fast design space exploration. One major reason for this limited popularity is the missing link to CAD being the primary design tool in many industrial branches.
    Within this seminar, an approach is presented to close this gap. The focus is put on the seamless integration of the Vertex Morphing Method in given CAD workflows as well as the resulting design advantages. The applicability of the combined optimization and reconstruction process is demonstrated with selected examples from different industrial branches. In all examples, an application for shape optimization within the open-source multiphysics framework “KratosMultiphysics” is utilized. Its close link the popular open-source CFD code “SU2” will be discussed throughout the seminar.

  • 23. March
    13:00 - 14:30
    Location: 48-210
    Graduate School

    Küsters, Ferdinand: Switch observability for differential-algebraic systems: Analysis, observer design and application to power

  • 23. March
    16:00 - 17:30
    Location: 48-210
    Graduate School

    Faltings, Ulrike: On the Characters of the Sylow 2-Subgroup of F4(2n) and Decomposition Numbers