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As it is common at most of the emergent German universities, the department of mathematics has not been organised in institutes or chairs ("Lehrstühle"). Instead, the research units consist of the individual professorships and the related scientific and non-scientific staff; some of them have formally teamed up to a larger research group (Arbeitsgruppen / Research Groups).

Apart from that, there are two central units: the dean's office with the administrative director of the department and further scientific and non-scientific staff for central scientific affairs and teaching duties (e.g. lectures for students of other departments) as well as the Graduate School „Mathematics as a Key Technology“ with its staff.  

Due to its medium size, the department has never tried to cover the broad range of research areas in mathematics. Instead, it has prioritised attractive scientific and socially relevant areas, putting specific emphasis on comprehensive opportunities for the cooperation within the department as well as with other departments of the university.