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Power outage on Saturday, 23.06.2018

On Saturday, 23.06.2018, there will be a planned power outage on the fifth floor of building 48 due to necessary maintenance work on the power distribution.
Therefore, all departmental computer systems will be shut down on Friday, 22.06.2018, 15:00 - this affects mostly building 48, but some services are relevant for all our locations:

  • No network access in building 48: please shutdown your office computers during maintenance.
  • No network-printing will be available.
  • Incoming e-mails will be cached at the RHRK and delivered after maintenance - no e-mails will get lost. There will be no possibility to send e-email via our systems (mail.mathematik.uni-kl.de, webmail) or to access your mailbox during maintenance.
  • The departmental website will be offline (and no TYPO3-editing possible).
  • Central fileservices (NFS, SMB) and home directories will not be available.
  • Virtual machines and websites hosted by CTM will be offline.
  • Remote login servers (i.e. io.mathematik.uni-kl.de) and computeservers will be shutdown. We ask you to finish all running jobs before maintenance starts. Any running jobs will be cancelled with the beginning of maintenance.
  • The terminalrooms 419, 421 und 521 will be closed.

Maintenance starts on Friday at 3 pm o'clock and may continue until saturday 6 pm.

Re-establishment of central services (e-mail, network access) and websites will be prioritized.

In case of further questions, please contact us.


Momentarily, there are no known malfunctions of our systems.

If you suspect any irregularities, please drop us a note.