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Every quarter, students of Mathematics can print out 150 copies from the printers in the computer rooms for free. It is recommended to print out longer documents, like lecture notes for example, in the computer center (RHRK), since there you can print out 200 pages each month. You do not even have to go to the computer center to do this, but you can print out your documents from the computer rooms in the Department of Mathematics. A third way of printing out (even in color!) is using the copying machines or multifunctional devices respectively; however, this is changeable.

Printing in the Department

In the computer rooms of the department, students can use the following three printers:

lj548-521PDF/PS/ASCII, b/w, in A4, two-page
lj648-419PDF/PS/ASCII, b/w, in A4, two-page
lj748-422PDF/PS/ASCII, b/w, in A4, two-page

Normally, documents can be printed out directly in the programs (e.g. LibreOffice). If this does not work, documents in the formats PDF or PS can also be printed out via a terminal using
lp -P<name of printer> <name of file>
lp -Plj5 page1.pdf.
Other kinds of documents must be converted into a PDF or PS file first; usually, you can find an option to do this in the print dialog of the corresponding program. A file that has been created in this way can be printed out via the console.

The print quotas and the number of consumed pages can be calculated using the command printquota (in the terminal).

Printing in the computer center

If you want to print out from the computer center in the Department of Mathematics, you need to apply for a printing ticket. Please note down the command printticket in the console first, and, in accordance with the instructions, your username and password (the ones of the RHRK windows accounts) afterwards. The printing ticket is valid for the whole day.

Having applied for a printing ticket, you can print out documents as already described above, namely in a program or via the console. In both cased you have to choose one of the print queues in the computer center:

rhrk_ps34-256 (Central Printing Station)PDF/PS, b/w, in A4, two-page
rhrk_ps-eins34-256 (Central Printing Station)PDF/PS, b/w, in A4, onw-age

The file skript.pdf can for example be printed with
lp -Prhrk_ps skript.pdf.
The completed prints must be collected in the printing room of the computer center (34-256). Please note that printing can take one day depending on the overall number of print jobs in the computer center.

Printing on Multifunctional Units

Print jobs in the Department of Mathematics can be sent to our copying machines or multifunctional devices to be printed out. In this way it is possible to print out in color. Please note that using a Multifunctional Unit is chargeable.
If you want to send a print job to a Multifunctional Unit, please choose rhrk_sw (black and white) or rhrk_farbe (color) as printer in your program (e.g. in LibreOffice, Firefox, etc.). To print out your document for real, you need to log in at a Multifunctional Unit and start the printing. More detailed information can be found on the websites of the computer center.