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Dean's Office (Department of Mathematics)

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Dean's Office (Department of Mathematics)

The dean's office is the central administration unit of the department of mathematics. It subsumes:

  • the organisation, coordination and administration of all central affairs of the department such as

    • central post administration and budget,
    • human resources affairs of the employees of the faculty (employment, travelling on university business, holiday, sick notes, etc.),
    • employment of student assistants (for teaching duties),
    • inventory,
    • issue of keys,

  • the management of the faculty's teaching business,
  • the general study advice for students of mathematics,
  • the realisation of the resolutions of the faculty board.

In the rooms of the dean's office, you also find the registrar's office of the department of mathematics which takes care of the administrative affairs of the following examination procedures:

  • bachelor exams in the course of study Mathematics (B.Sc.),
  • master exams in the courses of study Mathematics, Mathematics International, Industrial Mathematics and Management Mathematics (M.Sc.).

Opening Hours for Students

Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.