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Introduction to Systems and Control Theory

Inhaltsbereich / Content

Introduction to Systems and Control Theory

Lecturers: Jun-Prof. Stephan Trenn (lecture), Lisa Koch (tutorials)

KIS-code: MAT-80-12A-V-4 (lecture), MAT-80-12A-U-6 (tutorial)

See the module handbooks (Bachelor, Master) for further formal informations.

Date and Location

Lecture: Wednesday, 8:15 - 9:45, room: 48-582

Tutorials: Wednesday (odd weeks), 15:30 - 17:00, room: 36-265


  • the exercise sheets will be available for download on this website one week in advance
  • group work (up to three students) is possible (and encouraged)
  • 50% of the points must be obtained and at least one correct solution must be presented within the tutorial class
  • the solution must be handed in Monday, until 10:00, before the corresponding tutorial class in the grey letter box next to lecture room 48-210
DateDue DateExercise Sheet
Tutorial 1  10.05.17  08.05.17Exercise 1
Tutorial 224.05.1722.05.17Exercise 2
Tutorial 307.06.1702.06.17Exercise 3
Tutorial 421.06.1719.06.17Exercise 4
Tutorial 505.07.1703.07.17Exercise 5
Tutorial 619.07.1717.07.17Exercise 6




The lecture will be loosely based on the old lecture notes from Eva Zerz.