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Master Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

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Master Actuarial and Financial Mathematics


The final registration for a Project Seminar or Internship can be made by filling in this registration form.



Seminars and Reading Courses Next Semester

In the upcoming summer term 2018 the Seminars and Reading Courses are organized by:

  • Project Seminar: Ralf Korn
  • Reading Course: Ralf Korn
  • Seminar: Sascha Desmettre

Upcoming Specialization Lectures

In the next semesters the following lectures are planned to be offered:

  • Summer term 2018:

    • Financial Statistics (Jean-Pierre Stockis)

  • Winter term 2018/19:

    • Computational Finance (Ralf Korn)
    • Continuous-Time Portfolio Optimization (Jörn Saß)

  • Summer term 2019:

    • Risk Measures with Applications to Finance and Insurance (Ralf Korn)

  • Winter term 2019/20:

    • Continuous-Time Portfolio Optimization (Ralf Korn)

More Information

Additional information and material about the Master Actuarial and Financial Mathematics can be found on the website Master Actuarial and Financial Mathematics of the department.