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Grundlagen der Finanzmathematik

Inhaltsbereich / Content

Grundlagen der Finanzmathematik (Foundations of Financial Mathematics)


We. 8:15 - 9:45 in 46-268

Th. 15:30 - 17:00 in 46-268

The lecture is scheduled for the first half of the term:

First lecture We. 20.4., final lecture Th. 2.6.

Written exam on Th., June 9. (next date end of Sept or beginning of Oct.)



Next written exam on October 6, 15:30, in 48-438. 

Subjects: Sections 1.1-3.5. Otherwise same regulations as for the first exam.

Registration in URM until September 22, 12:00, ("Nachklausur" on the Summer 2016 page)!


Results of exam are now available in URM.

Post exam review (Klausureinsicht) on Friday, June 24, 8:15-9:45 in 46-267.



Exercise are all discussed by now.

Written exam:

Registration is closed.

Thursday, June 9, in 46-268, 15:35-16:55 (80 minutes).

Please bring your student ID.

You can bring a two-sided hand-written sheet of paper (DIN A4) (or two one-sided). The questions will be in English, a German translation is provided. Your answers can be in English or German. No calculators or any other electronic devices are allowed. Don't write with pencil or in red. 


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