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PhD Seminar

Inhaltsbereich / Content

PhD Seminar

General Information

Our joint research seminar takes place once a week on

  • Wednesday at 2:00-3:30 p.m. in ITWM, room E 4.09 B. Riemann.

The schedule of talks can be found below.



Date Presenter
2017/12/06 Dorothee Westphal
2017/12/13 Hayk Hambardzumyan
--------------- Christmas break
2018/01/17 Lihua Chen
2018/01/24 Florian Blandfort (room E 4.03 L. Boltzmann)
2018/02/07 Jingnan Wang
2018/02/14 Anna-Katharina Thös
2018/02/21 Yihua Xu
2018/02/28 Wieger Hinderks