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Promotionen in Mathematik

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Promotionen in Mathematik

Tozzo, Laura 15.12.2017 Prof. Dr. Mathias Schulze Algebra
Two instances of duality in commutative algebra
Hopf, Michael 24.11.2017 Juniorprof. Dr. Clemens Thielen Optimierung
Algorithms and Complexity for Scheduling and Packing Problems
Easwaran, Prakash 23.10.2017 Prof. Dr. Claudia Redenbach Bildverarbeitung
Stochastic geometry models for interacting fibers
Pezo Villar, Danilo Alberto 20.10.2017 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Franke Statistik
Local stationarity for spatial data
Tiwari, Sharwan Kumar 18.10.2017 Prof. Dr. Wolfram Decker Computeralgebra
Algorithms in Noncommutative Algebras: Gröbner Bases and Hilbert Series
Osterroth, Sebastian 22.09.2017 Prof. Dr. René Pinnau Technomathematik
Mathematical models for the simulation of combined depth and cake filtration processes
Rois, Rumana 18.09.2017 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Franke Statistik
Nonparametric Tests for Change Points in Hazard Functions under Random Censorship in Survival Analysis
Athni Hiremath, Sandesh 23.08.2017 Prof. Dr. Christina Surulescu Technomathematik
Multiscale modeling of acid mediated cancer invasion with random dynamics and beyond
Losch, Katharina 17.07.2017 Prof. Dr. Claudia Redenbach Bildverarbeitung
Stochastic Modeling of Multiphase Materials Based on Digital Image Data
Fitschen, Jan Henrik 14.07.2017 Prof. Dr. Gabriele Steidl Bildverarbeitung
Variational Models in Image Processing with Applications in the Materials Sciences
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