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Dr. Sören Häuser

Inhaltsbereich / Content

Dr. Sören Häuser

New affiliation

Dr. Sören Häuser
iTK Engineering AG
Hahnstr. 70
60528 Frankfurt am Main


PhD thesis

Shearlet Coorbit Spaces, Shearlet Transforms and Applications in Imaging, University of Kaiserslautern, 2014.

Diploma thesis

Waveletanalyse von Geberdaten, University of Gießen, 2010



  • S. Häuser and J. Ma (Preprint).
    Seismic Data Reconstruction via Shearlet-Regularized Directional Inpainting.
    [pdf] [BibTex]

  • S. Häuser, G. Steidl (2014).
    Fast Finite Shearlet Transform: a tutorial.
    ArXiv. (1202.1773),
    [pdf] [www] [BibTex]

  • S. Dahlke, F. De Mari, E. De Vito, S. Häuser, G. Steidl, G. Teschke (2014).
    Different Faces of the Shearlet Group.
    ArXiv. (1404.4545),
    [pdf] [www] [BibTex]


  • S. Häuser, B. Heise, G. Steidl (2014).
    Linearized Riesz Transform and Quasi-Monogenic Shearlets.
    International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing. 12, (3),
    [pdf] [doi] [www] [BibTex]


  • S. Häuser and G. Steidl (2013).
    Convex Multiclass Segmentation with Shearlet Regularization.
    International Journal of Computer Mathematics. 90, (1), 62-81.
    [pdf] [doi] [BibTex]

  • S. Dahlke and S. Häuser and G. Steidl and G. Teschke (2013).
    Shearlet Coorbit Spaces: Traces and Embeddings in Higher Dimensions.
    Monatshefte für Mathematik. 169, (1), 15 - 32.
    [pdf] [doi] [BibTex]


  • B. Heise and S. E. Schausberger and S. Häuser and B. Plank and D. Salaberger and E. Leiss-Holzinger and D. Stifter (2012).
    Full-field optical coherence microscopy with a sub-nanosecond supercontinuum light source for material research.
    Optical Fiber Technology. 18, (5), 403-410.
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  • S. Dahlke and S. Häuser and G. Teschke (2012).
    Coorbit Space Theory for the Toeplitz Shearlet Transform.
    International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing. 10, (04),
    [pdf] [doi] [www] [BibTex]

Conferences / Workshops