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Hue and Range Preserving RGB Image Enhancement (RGB-HP-ENHANCE)

Color image enhancement is a complex and challenging task in digital imaging with abundant applications. Preserving the hue of the input image is  crucial in a wide range of situations. We propose a simple image enhancement algorithm which conserves the hue and preserves the range (gamut) of the R, G, B channels of an image in an optimal way. With the Matlab toolbox RGB-HP-ENHANCE we offer a simple to use implementation of the described enhancement. A method is incorporated to handle connected image areas having nearly the same intensity value, so-called ,,large pixel areas''.

Developed by Sören Häuser, Mila Nikolova and Gabriele Steidl.


More information can be found in the following papers.

  • S. Häuser, M. Nikolova and G. Steidl (2015).
    Hue and Range Preserving RGB Image Enhancement (RGB-HP-ENHANCE).
    Preprint. (Documentation for Matlab toolbox)
    [pdf] [BibTex]

  • M. Nikolova and G. Steidl (2014).
    Fast Hue and Range Preserving Histogram Specification: Theory and New Algorithms for Color Image Enhancement.
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 23, (9), 4087-4100.

  • M. Nikolova and G. Steidl (2014).
    Fast Ordering Algorithm for Exact Histogram Specification.
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 23, (12), 5274 - 5283.
    [doi] [BibTex]

Please cite all publications when using the software.


The zip-file contains all relevant files and folders. Simply unzip the archive and add the folder (with subfolders!) to your Matlab path or run installRGB_HP_ENHANCE.m.

From Matlab R2014b on you can also install the included toolbox directly (see toolbox folder).

The root folder contains the main file. The folder helper contains some helper functions. The GUI is located in the folder GUI. Examples can be found in the folder html. For Matlab R2014b there is a packaged toolbox in the toolbox folder. 

See contents.m and the comments in each file for more information.


current version (1.0): RGB-HP-ENHANCE