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Former students


  • M. Löckel, Variational Models and Primal-Dual Algorithms for Manifold-Valued Image Restoration,
    Masters thesis, September 2015 (with G. Steidl)
  • J. Persch, Analysis of Local Anisotropies and Denoising of \(\mathbb S^1\)-Valued Data,
    Masters thesis, March 2015 (with G. Steidl)


  • H. Huth, Congruence classes of anisotropic pat- terns on the torus and application in the FFT-based homogenization,
    Bachelor thesis, June 2017 (with D. Merkert, G. Steidl, B. Simeon)
  • L. Goebel, Segmentation of Manifold-valued images,
    Bachelor thesis, May 2017 (with G. Steidl)
  • B. Schmitt, Anisotropic Structures and Sampling Patterns for the FFT-based Numerical Homogenization,
    Bachelor thesis, January 2017 (with D. Merkert, G. Steidl, B. Simeon)
  • M. Brusius, Unsupervised Co-Segmentation with Histogram Priors,
    Bachelor thesis, July 2016 (with G. Steidl)
  • S. Neumayer, Entropy Regularized Wasserstein Distances and an Application in Image Segmentation,
    Bachelor thesis, July 2016 (with G. Steidl)
  • J. Persch, Directional Information via Structure Tensors,
    Bachelor thesis, December 2013 (with G. Steidl)
  • L. Kausch, Multivariate anisotrope Dirichlet-Wavelets zur Kantendetektion auf dem Torus,
    Bachelor thesis, July 2012 (with J. Prestin)
  • I. Stolz, Die multivariate periodische Fourier- und Wavelet-Transformation auf anisotropen Mustern,
    Bachelor thesis, October 2011 (with J. Prestin)

Student Projects

  • J. Arf, R. Rosandi, Bézier curves in Riemannian manifolds,
    Student project, October 2017
  • J. Settelmeier, Semantic Segmentation using Fully Convolutional Networks,
    Student project, October 2017
  • A. Engel, L. Goebel, Segmentation of Colour Images Using a Regularised Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm,
    Student Project, November 2016
  • H. Huth, B. Schmitt, Lösung der statischen Wärmeleitungsgleichung in der Homogenisierung auf anisotropen Gittern,
    in german, Student Project, September 2016 (with D. Merkert)
  • M. Brusius, S. Neumayer, An Algorithm for Image Segmentation based on Optimal Transport Distances,
    Student Project, April 2016 (with G. Steidl)


In my free time I like to work on smaller TeX projects.

  • A theme for latex beamer following the corporate design of the Kaiserslautern University
  • A system for setting flash cards using european sizes, called Kartei