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LoLoLA - Library of Location and Layout Algorithms

LoLoLA is a Python based software package, that contains algorithms for solving location and layout problems.

LoLoLA consists of a GUI (graphical user interfase) and a Python API (application programming interface), providing the following features.


  • Python language data structures for all Problem instances

    - easy to teach

    - fast

    - multi-platform

  • additional GUI to generate location and layout problems

    - no need of programming knowledge

    - also multi-platform
  • detailed documentation

  • graphical interpretation of solution

  • suitable for multicriteria problems

    - finds representative system of pareto solutions

    - shows those pareto solution, that fulfill given restrictions

Web Version

A web version of the software can be found here. Note that the web version does not contain all features of the download version. Currently, it can only handle planar and network problems.


  1. Please enter your email adress. You will be redirected to the download page for both, the GUI and the Python source code (including the API) of LoLoLA. The current version is 1.775 which is still a beta test. If you have any problems, bugs or other suggestions you can write an email to the LoLoLA-Team (lolola[at]mathematik.uni-kl.de) or complete a ticket at the bugtracker.