Dimensional Dual Hyperovals over GF(2) of Rank 4

   Files for DHOs in V(7,2)
   Files for DHOs in V(8,2)
   Files for DHOs in V(9,2)
   Files for DHOs in V(10,2)

Relevant articles

  • A. Betten, U. Dempwolff, A. Wassermann, On dual hyperovals of rank 4 over GF(2), in preparation.  
  • U.Dempwolff, Y. Edel, Dimensional dual hyperovals and APN functions with translation groups, to appear in Jur. Alg. Combinatorics.  
  • S. Yoshiara, Dimensional dual arcs - a survey, in Finite Geometries, Groups, and Computation: Conference proceedings Pingree Park, Colorado 2006.