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Gastronomy in Kaiserslautern
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There is a shopping area on campus, the Davenport-Platz . Besides Treff discount, the on-campus grocery store, there is also a pharmacy (Apotheke), a bank, a post office (inside the flower shop), a bookshop, a restaurant, and a bakery.
In the Trippstadter-Str. , Plus and EDEKA are two grocery stores which are about 700 m from the university campus.

A bit further down, behind the central train station, Aldi , a very popular discount grocery store in Germany, offers cheaper prices on groceries but less selection. In this area there is a further discount grocery store, Penny, a bakery, a beverages shop and a larger Edeka Center with store hours to 22:00 every day except sundays.

The following are typical store hours:


If you need to find grocery items on a Sunday, you can go to petrol stations, but note that you may be paying two or three times more than what you usually pay. Also, bakeries, such as the Barbarossa- bakery on the Davenport-Platz, or the one opposite the train station, are open on Sunday mornings.

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