1. Alexander Tikhomirov: Barth's Morphism
    Time: Tuesday, 02/05/00, 13h45
    Room: 48-436
  2. Prof. Yu. Drozd: A Work of C. Kahn.
    Time: Thursday, 18/05/00, 15h30
    Room: 48-436
  3. Prof. Yu. Drozd: Classification of CM-Modules over the Minimal Elliptic Singularities.
    Time: Monday, 22/05/00, 15h30
    Room: 48-436
  4. Dimitri Markushevich: The Moduli Space of semi-stable Rank 2 Sheaves with Chern Numbers c_1=0, c_2=2 und c_3=0 on a Cubic Threefold.
    Time: Monday, 05/06/00, 15h30
    Room: 48-436

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