1. Gilles Bailly-Maître: Global Monodromy Operators of Polynomials in two Variables
    Time: Monday, 09/11/98, 15h15
    Room: 48-436
  2. Oswald Riemenschneider (Hamburg): Zur McKay-Korrespondenz von
    Time: Tuesday, 01/12/98, 17h30
    Room: 48-210
  3. Wolfgang Küchlin (Tübingen): Wrapping Computer Algebra Componenets with
    Java and CORBA.
    Time: Monday, 11/01/99, 16h00
    Room: 48-210
  4. Hélène Esnault (Essen): A Riemann-Roch theorem for flat bundles, with
    values in the algebraic Chern-Simons theory.
    Time: Tuesday, 12/01/99, 17h30
    Room: 48-210
  5. Volodimir Mazorchuk: Further generalization of Generalized Weyl algebras.
    Time: Monday, 18/01/99, 15h30
    Room: 48-436
  6. Manuel Bronstein (Sophia INRIA / Nizza): Solving Linear Ordinary Differential
    Equations over C(x,exp(h(x))).
    Time: Monday, 25/01/99, 16h00
    Room: 48-436
  7. Klaus Altmann (Berlin / Kaiserslautern): Besserer Impfschutz durch Hyperdeterminanten.
    Time: Monday, 25/01/99, 17h15
    Room: 48-436
  8. Manuel Bronstein (Sophia INRIA / Nizza): Differential Galois theory and Algorithms.
    Time: Tuesday, 26/01/99, 17h30
    Room: 48-210
  9. Jean-Charles Faugère (Paris): Efficient algorithms and softwares for solving
    polynomial equations.
    Time: Monday, 15/02/99, 17h00
    Room: 48-438

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