The main goal of the school is to introduce PhD students and young postdocs from neighbouring fields to the effective use of computer algebra systems for solving problems in mathematics and applications. The workshop will take place in the week after the conference "Algebraic Geometry and Computer Algebra" (May 31 - June 2, 2007), but is otherwise independent.

Topics covered:

  • Polynomial Factorization
  • Primary Decomposition and Radical
  • Resolution of Singularities
  • Tate Resolution, Sheaf Cohomology, Direct Images


  • Wolfram Decker
  • Anne Fruehbis-Krueger
  • Teresa Krick
  • Gerhard Pfister
  • Frank-Olaf Schreyer
  • Kazuhiro Yokoyama

The schedule will be organized with lectures in the morning and example sessions and hands-on tutorials in the early afternoon, in a way to have some time for participants to give contributed talks.

If you are interested to participate, please let us know. Limited funds for accomodation and travel expenses are available for participants who cannot obtain funding from their home institution.

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