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Towards an Electronic Repository of Tools and Data
for Benchmarks of Computer Algebra Software

Olaf Bachmann
Department of Mathematics
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany - Hans-Gert Gräbe
Department of Computer Science
University of Leipzig, Germany -[*]

January 26, 2000


The SYMBOLICDATA project has the following three main goals: 1. to systematically collect existing symbolic computation benchmark data and to produce tools to extend and maintain this collection; 2. to design and implement concepts for trusted benchmarks computations on the collected data; and 3. to provide tools for data access/selection/transformation using different technologies.

SYMBOLICDATA has developed from a ``grass root initiative'' of a small number of people to a stage where it should be presented to, and evaluated and used by a wider community.

In this paper we report about the current state of the project, i.e., we describe the main design principles and tools which were developed to realize our goals.

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