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Prof. Dr. Willi Freeden is awarded the Vening Meinesz Medal 2020 of the EGU

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) has announced that Prof. Dr. Freeden is to be awarded the EGU Vening Meinesz Medal 2020 at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna in early May 2020.

The Vening Meinesz Medal is the highest award in geodesy in Europe and has been awarded annually since 1998. It is named after the Dutch geophysicist and geodesist Felix Andries Vening-Meinesz.

The award honours Prof. Freeden for his pioneering work in combining a comprehensive mathematical theory with fundamental geodetic problems and advanced applications in Earth system sciences and global change studies.

More details can be found on the EGU website for the Vening Meinesz Medal 2020.

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