Biomathematics Group

Anne Dietrich

Büro: 31-358

Tel.: +49 (0)631 205 5317

E-Mail: adietric(at)

Maria Krasnianski

Büro: 31-356

Tel.: +49 (0)631 205 5314

E-Mail: krasnian(at)

Pawan Kumar

Büro: 31-360

Tel.: +49 (0)631 205 5319

E-Mail: kumar(at)


My research is concerned with mathematical modeling of glioblastoma patterning. I use a bottom-up multiscale modeling approach involvig systems of ODEs & PDEs, with the goal of deducing a PDE of reaction-diffusion-taxis type for the characterization of macroscopic tumor growth and spread under the influence of the underlying microenvironment. The obtained models are then investigated from the analytical and numerical viewpoints.

Shimi Mohanan

Büro: 31-258

Tel.: +49 (0)631 205 5307

E-Mail: mohanan(at)


My research is on mathematical modelling and analysis of wound healing and scar formation. A multiscale model class is developed, in oder to describe the evolution of the involved cell population densities and the influence of soluble and insoluble environmental cues. The models are to be investigated mathematically, with a focus on well-posedness and qualitative properties of solutions.



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