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Bild von Prof. Dr. Jörn Saß vor Tafel mit Anschrieb (Foto: Falk Triebsch, TUK)

Prof. Dr. Jörn Saß (Foto: Falk Triebsch, TUK)

Distinguished Teaching Award for Prof. Dr. Saß

Prof. Dr. Jörn Saß was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award 2020 of TU Kaiserslautern for his excellent achievements and outstanding commitment to teaching. Due to restrictions in connection with the corona/covid 19 pandemic, the award ceremony could unfortunately only take place in a very small setting this time in the meeting room on the 12th floor of the administration tower.

The Dean of the Department of Mathematics, Prof. Dr. Krumke, is pleased that TUK is thus giving lasting recognition to Prof. Dr. Saß' many years of dedicated work in the field of teaching. In particular, he points out that Prof. Dr. Saß has contributed in recent months his expertise to numerous meetings and working sessions (including the TU-wide task force "Digital Teaching"), thus making a significant contribution to the successful implementation of teaching in digital format.

This is the third time (since its introduction in 2014) that the TUK Distinguished Teaching Award has been awarded to a member of the Department of Mathematics. This shows once again that the department is not only excellent in research, but also in teaching.

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