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  • Operator representations of frames: boundedness, duality, and stability,
    Integral Equation and Operator Theory 88.4 (2017): 483-499
     (with Ole Christensen), arXive: 1704.08918.
  • Explicit constructions and properties of generalized shift-invariant systems in , Advances in Computational Mathematics 43.2 (2017): 443-472 (with Ole Christensen and Jakob Lemvig), arXiv:1610.04067.
  • Gabor frames in and linear dependence, Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, 2018 (with Ole Christensen), arXiv:1710.08280.
  •  Dynamical Sampling and operator representations of frames, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and application, 463 (2018): 634-644 (With Ole Christensen and Ehsan Rashidi), arXiv:1803.08466.
  •  Operator representations of sequences and dynamical sampling, Special Issue SampTA 2017 of Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing, 2018 (with Diana Stoeva and Ole Christensen), arXiv:1804.00077.

Conference papers/Book contributions:

  • Operator representations of frames, SAMPTA conference, 2017 (with Ole Christensen).
  • Frames, operator representations, and open problems, In "The Diversity and Beauty of Applied Operator Theory", Volume 268 of Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, Birkhäuser, May 2018 (with Ole Christensen).
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