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Courses in Winter Semester 2021/22

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to definitively estimate how much face-to-face teaching will be possible in the winter semester 2021/22 (and under what general conditions). We are planning accordingly with different scenarios - depending on the expected situation in connection with the spread of the COVID-19/corona virus and the vaccination quota achieved by the start of the winter semester.


Our aim is to offer as much face-to-face teaching as possible and justifiable from the point of view of health protection - supplemented by the well-proven elements of online teaching. In particular, we plan to offer (at least) the small group exercise classes and tutorials for first-year students in presence. The aim is above all to provide maximum support for getting to know each other and forming learning groups.

On the current page we present the course offerings of the Department of Mathematics for the winter semester 2021/22 with links to the respective courses in the handbook of modules (MHB) and continuously updated information (in particular: links to the courses in the online teaching platform OLAT - as soon as they are available).


The lecture period begins on 25.10.2021 and ends on 12.02.2022.

For participation in face-to-face events on the TUK campus, it is mandatory to create in advance a QR code with your own contact details on the website

This QR code must be brought along to the event. It will be scanned by the organisers so that the contact tracking required in times of the corona pandemic is possible (if needed).

This page is still under construction. Currently, intensive work is being done throughout the university on the concrete implementation of a university operation with a high attendance rate in winter semester 2021/22, given various possible scenarios (with regard to the general conditions to be expected for the coming months).


In order to develop robust concepts for the teaching of the Department of Mathematics, we are dependent on your assistance, as we need to most accurate possible numbers of participants for the respective courses. Please register via URM for the lectures offered by the Department of Mathematics which you would like to attend in winter semester 2021/22 as soon as possible, but at latest by 17 september 2021 (choose "lectures" on the left hand side). This is not yet a binding registration.

Courses for Undergraduate Students and Students of Teacher Training Programmes


Grundlagen der Mathematik I: Analysis (in German) (MHB: MAT-10-11A-K-2)

Grundlagen der Mathematik I: Lineare Algebra (in German) (MHB: MAT-10-11B-K-2)

Grundlagen der Mathematik II (in German) (MHB: MAT-10-12-K-2)

Pure Mathematics:

Algebraische Strukturen (in German) (MHB: MAT-12-11-K-2)

Einführung: Algebra (in German) (MHB: MAT-12-22-K-3)

Einführung: Funktionalanalysis (in German) (MHB: MAT-12-23-K-3)

Einführung: Funktionentheorie (in German) (MHB: MAT-12-24-K-3)

Applied Mathematics / Modelling:

Einführung in das Wissenschaftliche Programmieren (in German) (MHB: MAT-14-00-K-2)

Einführung in Numerische Methoden (in German) (MHB: MAT-14-11-K-3)

Stochastische Methoden (in German) (MHB: MAT-14-14-K-3)

Proseminar Mathematische Modellierung (in German) (MHB: MAT-16-14-K-3)

Proseminar Modellierung in der Wirtschaftsmathematik (in German) (MHB: MAT-14-02-K-3)

Specialisation Bachelor:

Commutative Algebra (MHB: MAT-40-11-K-4)

Integer Programming (Polyhedral Theory and Algorithms) (MHB: MAT-50-11-K-4)

Numerical Methods for ODE (MHB: MAT-80-11A-K-4)

PDE: An Introduction (MHB: MAT-80-11B-K-4)

Probability Theory (MHB: MAT-60-11-K-4)

Special Courses for Students of Teachers Training Programmes:

Didaktik der Analysis (in German) (MHB: MAT-20-20-K-5)

Didaktik der Geometrie (in German) (MHB: MAT-20-12-K-3)

Einführung in die Didaktik der Mathematik (in German) (MHB: MAT-20-01-K-2)

Elementarmathematik vom höheren Standpunkt (in German) (MHB: MAT-20-02A-K-2)

Grundlagen der Mathematik II für Studierende des Lehramts (in German) (MHB: MAT-10-12L-K-2)


For Information on the courses in German language, please switch to the German version of this page.

Courses for Graduate Students (Master)

Here you can find information about advanced master's courses (lectures, seminars, reading courses).

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Mathematikvorlesung an der TUK: Bild aus Hörsaal

Courses for Students of other Departments

Here you find information on courses for students of other departments (in German language).

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Information on courses offered by other departments

Information on the courses offered for the subsidiary subjects can be found on the respective information pages of the departments:

  • Biology (in German)
  • Chemistry (in German)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical and process engineering (in German)
  • Physics (in German)
  • Economics (in German)

(As soon as the pages are created, we will make the corresponding links available here.)

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