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Courses for Master's students (M.Sc.) offered in Winter Semester 2022/23

We are pleased that we will be able to offer our courses in the winter semester 2022/23 in form of face-to-face teaching - of course, subject to any safety and hygiene requirements that may be necessary.


Here we present the courses for the Master's programmes (M.Sc.) offered by the Department of Mathematics for the winter semester 2022/23 with links to the respective courses in the digital handbook of modules (MHB). Details on the course programme (incl. information on time, place and links) can be found in KIS.


The lecture period begins on 24.10.2022 and ends on 11.02.2023.

Mathematikvorlesung an der TUK: Bild aus Hörsaal

Further courses in WS 2022/23

Information on the courses for undergraduate students (in German language)

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Introductory Lectures:

Commutative Algebra (MHB: MAT-40-11-K-4)

Differential-Algebraic Equations (MHB: MAT-81-23-K-4)

Elliptic Functions and Elliptic Curves (MHB: MAT-40-19-K-6)

Integer Programming (Polyh. Theory and Algorithms) (MHB: MAT-50-11-K-4)

Numerical Methods for ODE (MHB: MAT-80-11A-K-4)

PDE: An Introduction (MHB: MAT-80-11B-K-4)

Probability Theory (MHB: MAT-60-11-K-4)

Seminars and Reading Courses

Seminars offered (see KIS)

Reading Courses offered (see KIS)

More details can be found on the webpages (for teaching) of the Division/Research Groups.

Advanced Lectures:

Algebra, Geometry, and Computer Algebra

Algebraic Geometry (MHB: MAT-40-12-K-7)

Algorithmic Invariant Theory (MHB: MAT-44-11-K-7)

Algorithmic Number Theory (MHB: MAT-40-13-K-7)

Classical Groups (MHB: MAT-43-29-K-7)

Representation Theory (MHB: MAT-43-12-K-7)

Artificial Intelligence in Mathematics

Mathematical Methods in AI (MHB: MAT-63-10-K-7)

Financial Mathematics, Statistics

Interest Rate Theory (MHB: MAT-61-12-K-7)

Mathematical Statistics (MHB: MAT-62-11-K-7)

Non-Life Insurance Mathematics (MHB: MAT-61-19-K-7)

Risk Measures with Appl. to Finance and Insurance (MHB: MAT-61-30-K-7)


Graphs and Algorithms (MHB: MAT-52-11-K-7)

Probability and Algorithms (MHB: MAT-59-12-K-7)

Selected Topics in Optimization in Public Transport (MHB: MAT-51-15A-K-7)

Stochastic Analysis

Introduction to the Theory of Sobolev Spaces (MHB: MAT-70-12A-K-7)

Stochastic Differential Equations (MHB: MAT-64-11-K-7)

Technomathematics (Modelling and Scientific Computing)

Numerical Methods for PDE II (MHB: MAT-81-12-K-7)

Numerical Methods in Control Theory (MHB: MAT-82-11-K-7)

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