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FRICO 2020 takes place in Munich. Further informations: https://frico.discrete.ma.tum.de/

The 23rd Workshop on Future Research in Combinatorial Optimization is over. From our point of view it was a great success. We want to take this opportunity to thank all participants of FRICO 2019. Especially we want to thank our Sponsors DHL, INFORM and SIEMENS as they made it possible for us to organize this nice workshop. The Best Talk Award has been given to Oliver Bachtler from the TU Kaiserslautern and the PhD Students from TU München have agreed to host FRICO 2020 next year.

23rd Workshop on Future Research in Combinatorial Optimization

FRICO 2019 takes place from Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th of September at TUK.

We are looking for PHD-students studying the following fields:

  • Discrete Mathematics und Combinatorics 
  • Linear or Nonlinear Optimization 
  • Graph Algorithms 
  • Randomized Algorithms 
  • Approximation Algorithms 
  • Online Optimization 
  • Applications of Combinatorial Optimization 

Participants are encouraged to submit and present own results (even work containing gaps and unsolved problems).

Additionally, we are planning an Industry Day: Lecturers from industry highlight applications of combinatorial optimization in practice.

Participation will be free of charge. Only the travel and accommodation costs will have to be borne by the participants. FRICO is limited to 30 participants.

Register here! We are looking forward to meet you at FRICO!


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