DFG Research Training Group 1932

Summer School "Heterogenous Microstructures: In situ testing, image processing and stochastic modeling"

From March 21 to March 23, the Research Training Group 1932 is hosting this year's Summer School entitled "Heterogenous microstructures: In situ testing, processing and stochastic modeling".

Thematically, it focussed on project P3 "Stochastic and image processing for the characterization of local properties of multiphase materials" and it was organized by the members of the project. The event, consisting of workshops and lectures, dealt with mathematical as well as engineering issues. The programme consisted, in particular, of compact courses on the topics "Design-and model-based stereology" (Prof. Markus Kiderlen, University of Aarhus), "Mathematical foundations of ESBD data analysis" (Dr. Ralf Hielscher, TU Chemnitz) and "Microstructural processes and their kinetics Using different in situ techniques "(Dr. Anja Weidner, TU Bergakademie Freiberg).

In the subsequent symposium "In situ Prüfung im REM" of the DVM / DGM research group, several presentations by representatives of university research groups, as well as presentations of new and experimental in situ techniques by the system manufacturers were given. The live demo "In situ nanoindentation in REM", which was carried out in cooperation with the companies Physical Electronics GmbH and Hysitron Inc., rounded off the event.

This year's summer school again demonstrated the successful cooperation of different subject areas of mathematics and engineering within the framework of the RTG 1932.

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