DFG Research Training Group 1932


With its interdisciplinary approach the RTG greatly benefits from intensive interactions between the mathematics and the engineering groups on the one hand and between the four project areas P1-P4 on the other hand. These interactions rely heavily on the qualification concept for the PhD students.

Therefore, the RTG aims to qualify young researchers from mathematics and engineering to work together as equals and to develop solutions for challenging engineering problems requiring progress in mathematical tools and theory. In this manner, professional ties between these researchers will be formed. They will continue to deliver cross-disciplinary thinking and problem solving long after they have left the RTG, being a valuable asset to academia as well as the industry.

To achieve this ambitious goal and to ensure that all the PhD projects (mathematician and engineers) can be successfully completed within three years, a detailed supervision and qualification concept has been developed. Of course, the qualification concept quarantees that the PhD students have their main focus on their research work.

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