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67663 Kaiserslautern

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67653 Kaiserslautern

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Tel.: +49 631 205 2745
Fax: +49 631 205 2748
E-Mail: stockis(at)


Informations on the courses can be found in KIS (dates of the courses and exams), in URM (Registration to the exercises/tutorials), in  OpenOLAT (course materials and further informations- access code will be given in the first lecture) and on the site  "Mathe für andere FB" of the mathematical department (general informations on the courses).


Course material of the following lectures can be found in OpenOLAT:

  • GM3 Mathematik/Biostatistik (Teil 1) (Winter 19/20)
  • Financial Statistics (Summer 20)
  • Höhere Mathematik für Bauingenieure 2 (Summer 20)
  • Grundlagen der Biostatistik (Chemiker) (Summer 20)
  • GM3 Mathematik/Biostatistik (Teil 2) (Summer 20)

Use the access code from the lecture.



Research interests

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Bootstrap

  • Chaos-Theory

  • Applied statistics, especially in biology, chemistry, medecine, economy and civil engineering.



  • Doktor, Markus S., Fox, Christian, Kurz, Wolfgang, Stockis, Jean-Pierre (2018).
    Characterization of steel buildings by means of non-destructive testing methods.
    J. Math. Industry  8, (10).
  • Ohlmann, Dominik M., Tschauder, Nicole, Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Gooßen, Käthe, Dierker, Markus, Gooßen, Lukas J (2012).
    Isomerizing olefin methathesis as a strategy to access defined distributions of unsaturated compounds from fatty acids.
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134, (30), 13716-13729.
  • Bakuradze, Tamara, Boehm, Nadine, Janzowski, Christine, Lang, Roman, Hofmann, Thomas, Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Albert, Franz W., Stiebitz, Herbert, Bytof, Gerhard, Lantz, Ingo, Baum, Matthias, Eisenbrand, Gerhard (2011).
    Antioxidant-rich coffee reduces DNA damage, elevates glutathione status and contributes to weight control: results from an intervention study.
    Mol. Nutr. Food Res.. 55, (5), 793--797.
  • Munk, Axel, Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Valeinis, Janis, Giese, Götz (2011).
    Neyman smooth goodness-of-fit tests for the marginal distribution of dependent data.
    Ann. Inst. Statist. Math.. 63, (5), 939--959.
  • Franke, J., Stockis, J.-P., Tadjuidje-Kamgaing, J., Li, W. K. (2011).
    Mixtures of nonparametric autoregressions.
    J. Nonparametr. Stat.. 23, (2), 287--303.
  • Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Franke, Jürgen, Kamgaing, Joseph Tadjuidje (2010).
    On geometric ergodicity of CHARME models.
    J. Time Series Anal.. 31, (3), 141--152.
  • Spormann, Thomas M., Albert, Franz W., Rath, Thomas, Dietrich, Helmut, Will, Frank, Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Eisenbrand, Gerhard, Janzowski, Christine (2008).
    Anthocyanin/polyphenolic-rich fruit juice reduces oxidative cell damage in an intervention study with patients on hemodyalisis.
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev.. 17, (12), 3372--3380.
  • Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Tadjuidje-Kamgaing, Joseph, Franke, Jürgen (2008).
    A note on the identifiability of the conditional expectation for the mixtures of neural networks.
    Statist. Probab. Lett.. 78, (6), 739--742.
  • Hein, Rebecca, Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Hielscher, Torsten, Aurich, Jan C. (2006).
    Multivariate Statistik im Qualitätsmanagement - Steigerung der Prozesssicherheit durch qualitätsbasierte Analyse von Fertigungsdaten.
    wt Werkstattstechnik online. 96, (9), 693--697. 
  • Weisel, Tamara, Baum, Matthias, Eisenbrand, Gerhard, Dietrich, Helmut, Will, Frank, Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Kulling, Sabine, Rüfer, Corinna, Johannes, Christian, Janzowski, Christine (2006).
    An anthocyanin/polyphenolic-rich fruit juice reduces oxidative DNA damage and increases glutathione level in healthy probands.
    Biotechnol. J.. 1, (4), 388--397.
  • Müller, Christoph, Eisenbrand, Gerhard, Gradinger, Martina, Rath, Thomas adn Albert, Franz Werner, Vienken, Jörg, Singh, Rajinder, Farmer, Peter B., Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Janzowski, Christine (2004).
    Effects of hemodyalisis, dyaliser type and iron infusion on oxidative stress in uremic patients.
    Free Radical Research. 38, (10), 1093--1100.
  • Franke, Jürgen, Neumann, Michael H., Stockis, Jean-Pierre (2004).
    Bootstrapping nonparametric estimators of the volatility function.
    J. Econometrics. 118, (1-2), 189--218. (Contributions to econometrics, time-series analysis, and systems identification: a Festschrift in honor of Manfred Deistler
  • Stockis, Jean-Pierre, Tong, Howell (1998).
    On the statistical inference of a machine-generated autoregressive AR(1) model.
    J. R. Stat. Soc. Ser. B Stat. Methodol.. 60, (4), 781--796.
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