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New affiliation

Dr. Max Nimmer
Carl Zeiss AG
Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 10
07745 Jena


S. Neumayer,  M. Nimmer, S. Setzer and G. Steidl, (2019.
On the rotational invariant L_1-norm PCA
(arXiv Preprint#1902.03840)


J. Lellmann, S. Neumayer, M. Nimmer, G. Steidl, (2019)
Methods for finding the offset in robust subspace fitting
PAMM, 19(1)

S. Neumayer,  M. Nimmer, S. Setzer, G. Steidl, (2019)
On the robust PCA and Weiszfeld's algorithm
Applied Mathematics and Optimization,
(arXiv Preprint#1902.04292)

S. Neumayer, M. Nimmer and G. Steidl (2017).
On a projected Weizfeld algorithm.
Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision. Lauze, Francois and Gong, Yiqui and Dahl, Anders Bjorholm (eds.) Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10302, 486-497.
[www] [BibTex]

Max Nimmer, Gabriele Steidl, Rainer Riesenberg, and Andreas Wuttig (2018).
Spectral imaging based on 2D diffraction patterns and a regularization model.
OSA Publishing, Optics Express. 26, (22), 28335-28348



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