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S. Neumayer,  M. Nimmer, S. Setzer and G. Steidl, (2019.
On the rotational invariant L_1-norm PCA
(arXiv Preprint#1902.03840)


S. Neumayer,  M. Nimmer, S. Setzer, G. Steidl, (2019)
On the robust PCA and Weiszfeld's algorithm
Applied Mathematics and Optimization,
(arXiv Preprint#1902.04292)

S. Neumayer, M. Nimmer and G. Steidl (2017).
On a projected Weizfeld algorithm.
Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision. Lauze, Francois and Gong, Yiqui and Dahl, Anders Bjorholm (eds.) Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10302, 486-497.
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Max Nimmer, Gabriele Steidl, Rainer Riesenberg, and Andreas Wuttig (2018).
Spectral imaging based on 2D diffraction patterns and a regularization model.
OSA Publishing, Optics Express. 26, (22), 28335-28348



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