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Reports on Computer Algebra

Das Zentrum für Computeralgebra (ZCA) an der Universität Kaiserslautern (heute: TU Kaiserslautern) hat in den Jahren 1996 bis 2006 eine Reihe von Berichten "Reports on Computer Algebra" herausgegeben.

In dieser Reihe sind folgende Titel erschienen:

36. Levandovskyy, V.: Plural, a Non­commutative Extension of Singular: Past, Present and Future. Juni 2006. [Pdf]

35. Brickenstein, M.: Slimgb: Gröbner Bases with Slim Polynomials. September 2005. [Pdf]

34. Tobis, E.A.: Libraries for Counting Real Roots. Juli 2005. [Pdf]

33. Frühbis-Krüger, A.; Pfister, G.: Practical Aspects of Algorithmic Resolution of Singularities. Oktober 2004. [Pdf]

32. Frühbis-Krüger, A.; Krüger, K.; Schönemann, H.: Dynamic Modules in SINGULAR. Dezember 2003. [Pdf]

31. Greuel, G.-M.; Lossen, C.; Schulze, M.: Three Algorithms in Algebraic Geometry, Coding Theory, and Singularity Theory. März 2001. [Pdf]

30. Greuel, G.-M.: Applications of Computer Algebra to Algebraic Geometry, Singularity Theory and Symbolic-Numerical Solving. Juni 2000. [Pdf]

29. Greuel, G.-M.: Computer Algebra and Algebraic Geometry - Achievements and Perspectives. Februar 2000. [Pdf]

28. Siebert, T.: Recursive Computation of Free Resolutions and a Generalized Koszul Complex. Januar 2000. [Pdf]

27. Bachmann, O. and Gräbe, H.-G.: The SYMBOLICDATA Project: Towards an Electronic Repository of Tools and Data for Benchmarks of Computer Algebra Software. Januar 2000. [Pdf]

26. Reinert, B.: Solving One-Sided Equations in Integer Monoid Rings. Januar 2000. [Pdf]

25. Reinert, B. and Zeckzer, D.: Coset Enumeration using Prefix Gröbner Bases in MRC - An Experimental Approach. November 1999. [Pdf]

24. Borges-Trenard, M.A. and Pérez-Rosés, H.: Complete Presentations of Direct Products of Groups. Juli 1999. [Pdf]

23. Reinert, B.: Observations on coset enumeration. November 1998. [Pdf]

22. Madlener, K. and Otto, F.: Some Applications Of Prefix-Rewriting In Monoids, Groups, And Rings. November 1998. [Pdf]

21. Greuel, G.M., Pfister, G. and Schönemann, H.: Singular version 1.2 user manual. Juni 1998.

20. Reinert, B. and Zeckzer, D.: MRC - A System for Computing Gröbner Bases in Monoid and Group Rings. Juli 1998. [Pdf]

19. Reinert, B., Madlener, K. and Mora, T.: A note on nielsen reduction and coset enumeration. Februar 1998. [Pdf]

18. Bachmann, O. and Schönemann, H.: Monomial Representations for Gröbner Bases Computations. Januar 1998. [Pdf]

17. Siebert, T.: An algorithm for constructing isomorphisms of modules. Januar 1998. [Pdf]

16. Madlener, K. and Reinert, B.. String Rewriting and Gröbner Bases - A General Approach to Monoid and Group Rings. Oktober 1997. [Pdf]

15. Martin, B. and Siebert, T.: Splitting Algorithm for vector bundles. September 1997. [Pdf]

14. Madlener, K. and Reinert, B.: Relating rewriting techniques on monoids and rings: Congruences on monoids and ideals in monoid rings. September 1997. [Pdf]

12. Bachmann, O., Gray, S. and Schönemann, H.: MP Prototype Specification. Dezember 1997. [Pdf]

11. Bachmann, O.: Effective simplification of cr expressions. Januar 1997. [Pdf]

10. Bachmann, O., Gray, S. and Schönemann. H.: A proposal for syntactic data integration for math protocols. Januar 1997. [Pdf]

09. Reinert, B.: Introducing reduction to polycyclic group rings - a comparison of methods. Oktober 1996. [Pdf]

08. Siebert, T.: On strategies and implementations for computations of free resolutions. September 1996. [Pdf]

07. Greuel, G.-M.: Description of SINGULAR, A Computer Algebra System for Singularity Theory, Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra. September 1996.

06. Greuel, G.-M.; Pfister, G.: Advances and improvements in the theory of standard bases and syzygies. August 1996. [Pdf]

05. Bachmann, O., Gray, S. and Schönemann. H.: MPP: A Framework for Distributed Polynomial Computations. August 1996.

04. Bachmann, O. and Schönemann. H.: A Manual for the MPP Dictionary and the MPP Library. Juli 1996.

03. Stobbe, R.: Factory: a C++ class library for multipolynomial arithmetic. Juli 1996.

02. Schönemann, H.: Algorithms in SINGULAR. Juni 1996. [Pdf]

01. Grassmann, H., Greuel, G.-M., Martin, B., Neumann, W., Pfister, G., Pohl, W., Schönemann, H. and Siebert, T.: Standard bases, syzygies and their implementation in SINGULAR. Juli 1996. [Pdf]

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