Oberseminar Darstellungstheorie SS 2020

Subject: Equivalences of Blocks of Group Algebras

Summary: We follow Broué's survey "Equivalences of Blocks of Group Algebras" reviewing different types of equivalences between block algebras and classifying their group-theoretic and numerical invariants.

Schedule: Mondays 15:30-17:30, 48-438 [KIS]

Programme (preliminary! Dates may change!)

02.06.2020 E. Thorn Blocks and their invariants
08.06.2020 ?? Grothendieck groups and the cde-triangle
15.06.2020 ?? Morita equivalences
22.06.2020 ?? Rickard, splendid Rickard and perverse equivalences
29.06.2020 ?? Stable equivalences of Morita type
06.07.2020 ?? Isotipies, perfect isometries
13.07.2020 B. Böhmler \(p\)-permutation equivalences
20.07.2020 ?? Source algebra equivalences / Basic equivalences


[1] M. Broué, Equivalences of Blocks of Group Algebras. [MATHSCINET]
[2] M. Linckelmann, The Block Theory of Finite Group Algebras [MATHSCINET]

Information for Students

Students are welcome to attend the seminar. To obtain credit points you will have to give a talk.

Please register online in the URM system.

IMPORTANT: please get in touch with me per e-mail if you want to take part to the seminar.