Seminar Representation Theory WS 2020/21
(Oberseminar Darstellungstheorie)

Subject: Equivalences of Blocks of Group Algebras

Summary: We follow Broué's survey "Equivalences of Blocks of Group Algebras" reviewing different types of equivalences between block algebras and classifying their group-theoretic and numerical invariants.

Schedule: Mondays 16:00-17:30 in the KOMMS-Raum (48-562) [KIS].
Start: Monday the 2nd of November

Format: talks will be held at the black board in Room 48-562 and will be live streamed. In November, participants should attend the talks online through the OpenOLAT page of the seminar. Further information will be sent by e-mail on Friday the 30th of October.

Videos / Notes: registered seminar participants can access the videos of the talks and sets of notes from the OpenOLAT page of the seminar. These are not publicly available.

Programme (preliminary!)

02.11.2020 C. Lassueur Introduction
09.11.2020 K. Kaiser Module categories and equivalences
16.11.2020 L. Voggesberger Blocks and their invariants, the cde-triangle
23.11.2020 B. Johansson Morita equivalences
30.11.2020 E. Norton Rickard, splendid Rickard and perverse equivalences
07.12.2020 G. Malle Perfect isometries and isotypies
14.12.2020 C. Lassueur Stable equivalences of Morita type and source algebra equivalences
11.01.2021 B. Böhmler \(p\)-permutation equivalences
18.01.2021 L. Ruhstorfer Morita and splendid Rickard equivalences for finite groups of Lie type
01.02.2021 Micheal Livesey
[University of Manchester]
Picard groups of blocks

The programme and the talk titles are preliminary. Participants are welcome to offer a talk on a subject of their choice linked to the topic of the seminar. Some talks can be switched.


[1] M. Broué, Equivalences of Blocks of Group Algebras. [MATHSCINET]
[2] M. Linckelmann, The Block Theory of Finite Group Algebras [MATHSCINET]
[3] B. Sambale, Survey on perfect isometries [arXiv]

Information for Students

Students are welcome to attend the seminar. To obtain credit points you will have to give a talk.

Please register online in the URM system.

IMPORTANT: please get in touch with me prior to the start of the semester if you want to take part to the seminar.