Quadratic Number Fields

Summer term 2016

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Lecture Notes

# Date Topic(s) Material Note
1 04/18/16 Introduction and first steps lecture_01.pdf There was a typo in Definition 1. It must be “set” instead of “field”.
2 04/25/16 Structure and units of integer rings lecture_02.pdf
3 05/02/16 Operations with ideals, norm of ideals lecture_03.pdf
4 05/09/16 Unique factorization into prime ideals lecture_04.pdf
5 05/23/16 Ideal class group lecture_05.pdf
6 05/30/16 Complex lattices lecture_06.pdf Examples for J-sets are contained in the slides for lecture 7.
7 06/06/16 The j-invariant lecture_07.pdf
Fixed the numbering. An example for the computation of the j-invariant is contained in the slides for lecture 8.
8 06/13/16 Ideal class groups and CM lattices lecture_08.pdf
9 06/20/16 Applications of ideal class groups lecture_09.pdf
10 06/27/16 Dirichlet series lecture_10.pdf
11 07/04/16 L-functions of imaginary quadratic fields lecture_11.pdf
12 07/11/16 Dedekind zeta functions of imaginary quadratic fields lecture_12.pdf
13 07/11/16 Dirichlet class number formula lecture_13.pdf

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