Quadratic Number Fields

Summer term 2016

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Problem Sets

Collaboration on problem sets is encouraged. You are allowed to hand in the solutions in groups of at most three people. Please be sure to put your name(s) on your problem set. The problem sets will be collected before the lecture on the date due.

# Posted PDF Due Date Note
1 04/19/16 problemset01.pdf 05/02/16 The lecture from 04/25/16 will be helpful for the last problem.
2 05/02/16 problemset02.pdf 05/17/16 There was a typo in Problem 3: `\mathbf{Z}[\sqrt{-d}]` must be `\mathbf{Z}[\sqrt{d}]`
3 05/17/16 problemset03.pdf 05/30/16 There were typos in Problem 1 and 4: `(p/d)` must be `(d/p)` in Problem 1 and one of the `\mathbf{Z}` must be an `I` in Problem 4.
4 05/30/16 problemset04.pdf 06/13/16
5 06/13/16 problemset05.pdf 06/27/16
6 06/27/16 problemset06.pdf 07/11/16

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