Department of Mathematics

Security measures after attack on TUK infrastructures

Due to a cyber attack via the high-performance computing cluster Elwetritsch, various servers of the TUK's IT infrastructure have been
compromised (see RHRK Informations).

As primary precaution, it is necessary that you change the password of your personal RHRK account. To protect the Department of Mathematics' IT-Infrastrukture you have to change the password of your mathematics account if you used the same password for your RHRK acount. Please use different passwords for your mathematics account and your RHRK account. If you are using SSH-keys you are strongly encouraged to renew all private keys as a further security measure.

Please note that this email concerning this topic is digitally signed with my S/MIME-certificate and thus neither a phishing attempt nor spam.

To change the password of your mathematics account please use "ssh" to login on the server "" and use the "passwd" command. As a windows user you can use the "Putty" programm for the ssh-connection.

If you need help or have any questions feel free to contact us via telephone or personally.

Thank you for your cooperation,

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