Department of Mathematics

Takedown for maintenance work

Update:The work on the air conditioning system has been completed and all servers and services are available again.
(Access to the terminal rooms is of course still restricted by the pandemic regulations)


Update: Due to ongoing work on the air conditioning, most of the computeservers will remain switched off until further notice.


Due to urgent maintenance work (replacement of the air conditioning) in the server rooms of the Department of Mathematics, the central servers of the department will only be partly available in the period from

            Friday, 22.01.2021, 13:00 until probably Monday 01.02.2021

(depending on the progress of the work).

This means:

* the following services/servers will be permanently unavailable during the period indicated above:

    - all compute servers (all running processes and programs on these servers will be terminated)
    - all terminal rooms of the CTM (48-419, 48-421, 48-521)
    - oscarci

* the following central services may be temporarily unavailable  (up to two hours, due to relocation of physical servers).

    - e-mail (no e-mails will be lost)
    - websites hosted by CTM
    -, and (live-)stream (from 48-562)
    - URM, examination administration, KUBOS
    - central file servers ( CIP-Homes, FTP, Git )
    - ssh gateways (io, monty)
    - etc.

We try to schedule the work leading to temporary downtimes during off-peak hours and/or weekends.


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