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Current information for students on the effects of the coronavirus (Department of Mathematics - Status 15.07.2022)

After the removal of (most of the) corona-related restrictions, oral examinations can be organised again as before the beginning of the pandemic. Accordingly, the booking/allocation of examination rooms (centrally organised in the Department of Mathematics) that preceded the organisation of the examinations in the last four examination periods is no longer required. Of course, when giving/taking the examinations, the currently valid hygiene and safety regulations must be observed.

Students of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes (B.Sc./M.Sc.) of the Department of Mathematics had to (pre)register for the (oral) examinations by 16.06.2022 at the latest by making the corresponding entry in the examination administration system of the Department of Mathematics (PVS). In contrast to the previous periods, the submission of the signed form sheet must again be done in original (e.g. by dropping it into the designated box in the corridor in front of room 48/511).

After expiration of the registration period, the offered examination days of the lecturers have been published (as usual) at the beginning of July 2022 (in particular they have been visible by then in the examination administration system (PVS) of the Department of Mathematics).

In particular individual cases, it may also be possible to arrange an appointment during the lecture period. As far as students of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes (B.Sc./M.Sc.) of the Department of Mathematics are concerned, they should contact the Examination Office Mathematics in advance to clarify whether they are in principle allowed to take oral examinations during the lecture period.

You can find the relevant contact person for making an appointment on the following

Info Sheet "Registration for Oral Exams in the Department of Mathematics / Contact Details for Summer Semester 2022"


As you all know, (even though most of the restrictions ended) we continuously have to act carefully in order to keep the spread of the corona virus under control!

Therefore, please pay attention to the daily updated information on TUK's Corona website and the rules of conduct for entering the campus provided there.

If you have symptoms of a cold or fever on the day of the exam, or if you have been ordered by your health authority to be quarantined at home, you will not be allowed to take the exam. If you are entering Germany from a risk area or have been in a risk area in the 14 days prior to entry, please check the current entry requirements under corona conditions.

Please take this into account when planning your activities in the run-up to the examination dates!

If you are uncertain about the regulations to be observed or have health concerns (for yourself and/or others) regarding your participation in the examination, please contact the Examination Office Mathematics (by telephone or e-mail).

We offer an (continuously updated) overview of the course programme on our Information Page on Teaching in SS 2022.

Information for Students

All examination matters are governed by the examination policies ("Prüfungsordnung" and "Handbook of Modules / Modulhandbuch"). It is important that you are familiar with the policies of your particular course programme. This information is provided in the rightmost column of the respective web page:

Mathematics (B.Sc.),
Business Mathematics (B.Sc.),
Mathematics (M.Sc.),
Mathematics International (M.Sc.),
Industrial Mathematics (M.Sc.),
Business Mathematics (M.Sc.),
Actuarial and Financial Mathematics (M.Sc.).

General information for all students of mathematics:

Application for examinations
Withdrawal from examinations / Notification of illness (Sample for a medical certificate)
Academic Transcripts
Examination Committee Mathematics
Exams Administration System / QIS.

Further information on study and examination matters can be found on the FAQ page of the department.

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