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Current information for students on the effects of the coronavirus (Department of Mathematics - Status 26.06.2020)

Until 16.05.2020 NO exams were held at the university.

Since 18.05.2020 it is possible to write exams again. Strict hygiene and safety regulations must be observed in accordance with the current guidelines to ensure research, teaching and administration at TU Kaiserslautern during the corona pandemic. In particular, the exams take place in specially equipped examination rooms.

You can find more information on the HA 4 website:

For the exams from 20.07.2020 onwards, a mask regulation will be newly introduced when conducting the exams in order to be able to provide more exam places: the wearing of a mouth-and-nose protection will become compulsory on the way to/from the exam place and when leaving the room (e.g. going to the toilet)! Please bring this mouth-and-nose protection with you to the exam.

On the basis of the information sent by Rundmail on 18.03.2020 regarding the transition of the TUK to minimum operation and the update from  03.04.2020, all oral examinations originally scheduled for the period 19.03.2020 - 30.04.2020 were cancelled.

In the period from 04.05.2020 to 15.05.2020 (according to the examination regulations, this period still belongs to WS 2019/2020), only those (oral) examinations were rescheduled in which a particularly justified urgency was established.

Since 18.05.2020, (re)scheduling of oral examinations is generally possible. For students of mathematics (B.Sc., M.Sc.), this requires that students have (pre)registered for the examination in the examination administration system (PVS) of the Department of Mathematics by 16.06.2020 at the latest. The usual (exceptional) rules apply to the taking of examinations during the lecture period for these students.

Information on how to make appointments for oral examinations and the persons to contact can be found on the following information sheet:

Registration for Oral Exams in the Department of Mathematics - Procedure / Contact Details for Summer Semester 2020

From 19.03.2020, public access will be largely restricted (to the absolutely necessary minimum!). If you have any questions about the study programme, please contact the persons in charge by e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding examination regulations, please contact the Examinations Office Mathematics (Mail: dekanat(at)

We offer an overview of the modified course programme on our Information Page on Teaching in SS 2020.

We offer an overview of the modified course programme on our Information Page on Teaching in SS 2020.

Information for Students

All examination matters are governed by the examination policies ("Prüfungsordnung", "Studienplan", and "Handbook of Modules / Modulhandbuch"). It is important that you are familiar with the policies of your particular course programme. This information is provided in the rightmost column of the respective web page:

Mathematics (B.Sc.),
Business Mathematics (B.Sc.),
Mathematics (M.Sc.),
Mathematics International (M.Sc.),
Industrial Mathematics (M.Sc.),
Business Mathematics (M.Sc.),
Actuarial and Financial Mathematics (M.Sc.).

General information for all students of mathematics:

Application for examinations
Withdrawal from examinations / Notification of illness (Sample for a medical certificate)
Academic Transcripts
Examination Committee Mathematics
Exams Administration System / QIS.

Further information on study and examination matters can be found on the FAQ page of the department.

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